ASPM can help you decide which type of lawn is best for your ground and best for your budget. The majority of lawns that ASPM puts in are with a hydro-seeder. Hydro-seeding is a fast, cost effective way to have a new lawn. Germination time will depend on the weather, the time of year, the amount of water, the area you live in and other factors. Usually grass will be visible in 5-7 days, but a few days slower in cold weather or the hottest part of summer. Hydro-seeding is really a pretty simple process. Water, seed, fertilizer and a protective mulch are mixed together in a sprayer tank and then sprayed onto the ground. The process of spraying allows for seed to be applied to many surfaces at many angles in both small and large areas. Now with new roads being built through hills instead of over or around, conventional seeding techniques cannot seed the steep slopes created during the construction. However, the use of a hydro seeder provides the answer. Steep slopes can be easily sprayed and costly erosion minimized. If hydro-seeding is not the answer for your lawn, Matt can help you decide which alternative option would be the best fit.


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